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Soup & Such has been in Yorkton since August 1985....


Soup & Such has been in Yorkton since August 1985.

It was amazing how this business has changed and transformed our lives in so many ways as a small business owners. 

To be appreciated and to appreciate the livelihood and the community we are in, it is truly a rewarding journey.

Thank you... to everyone,past and present for being part of Soup & Such journey, before and after we took over in 2016, and to everyone who we continue to meet along the way through our homemade soup store.

We are the fourth (4th) ownership of Soup & Such Yorkton. Soup & Such started it's humble beginnings in a foodcourt of the Parkland Mall since it has opened in 1985. Pandemic has shaped and challenged the relevance of every businesses specifically the food sector.But during those tough times,we set a goal to continue to offer and to serve our community with homemade meals.

With our best sellers and signature soups such as Beets Borscht and Turkey Lemon Rice,along with other homemade soups... we will continue to serve only high quality homemade soups along with fresh cold and hot sandwiches.

We are thankful to be one of a local business in Yorkton. We owe it all to our family, friends,regular customers and visitors who supports us as small business owners. Thank you to our loyal customers who refers and brings their own family and friends to support Soup & Such. 

We are focus on our specialties, and we believe in what we serve and we will strongly keep moving forward with our goals at the best we trudge this tough times. We will always do our best...and will let God do the rest.

Many plans are in a man's heart, but the purpose of the LORD will prevail. (Proverbs 19:21)

It is an encouragement for us, when one customer said:

‘It’s nice to have your store. It’s nice that I can quickly stop by, buy my favorite Turkey Lemon Rice soup and Turkey sandwich. I love your Borscht too. But seriously...just the good-old fashioned soup and the meal option for a family is a good thing to have in a food place, in general. I think that is what your store is all about! 

Please keep on serving...keep on cooking. ”.

Thank you to this encouraging know who you are. It’s people like you who reminds us that small business like ours....has a purpose in our community. Those sweet- friendly gestures and chats are what makes our day. The purpose to serve every bowl of soup to someone who simply like a homemade flavor...soup for their sick loved-ones, soup as a gift, soup for meeting lunches, etc. 

It’s so humbling to realize...every bowl of soup has it’s own story to tell.

Most of all, the true rewards are always the people in our team,the people we serve..the people we meet..the friendship built over the years of being Soup & Such in Yorkton. We can say it has been a blessing to be rewarded with great smiles...sincere Thank you’s...and some good friendly jokes, here and there.

Soup & Such will continue to serve Yorkton with only good ol’ granny homemade soups ...but we are also thrilled to add and try something new. To add new products that can help our business evolve and welcome younger generations and families to our store. Our goal is to keep homemade taste of our food products, and remain in fast food style services.


Whether you only visit us for a bowl of soup, a sandwich, a full meal, a desert, a drink or a is equivalent to 

A HUGE THANK YOU for your patronage here at SOUP & SUCH in Yorkton,Saskatchewan.

See you here....Or, should we say: See You Again Soon!


Our homemade soups and meals will surely be a hit to your tummies!

Our Soup & Such team are here to serve our community with friendly and efficient service.

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